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I’ve never been a fan of reading books online; I always liked the experience of having a physical book in my hands. I want to carry it everywhere, trace over my favourite sentences, and marvel at the effort taken to create it.

Despite this, I began to grow restless of waiting for a book of interest to arrive at the library. The in-between was hard as an avid reader. Not having a new book to indulge in was difficult! This led me to search online for free books to read and to my relief. I found Wattpad: An online app that allows anyone to become an author to share and develop free stories.

I listed my 3 favourite YA stories below:

The Quirky Tale of April Hale

This isn’t your typical ‘bad boy falls in love with a nerd’ plot; this story is so complex. April Hale is lovable, but doesn’t fit in at school because of a secret. Ryder Black is an underground fighter that doesn’t care for anyone. One night, he needs help and rushes to his neighbour April’s door. It doesn’t help that Ryder calls her March on their first meeting. I laughed and loved this story so much!

She’s Bad News

I couldn’t stop reading this story because of how much pain the main character Corrine Evans endures. After her mother is sent to jail, Corrine must live with her biological father and his new family. Her main goal is to graduate high school and leave everything behind, but childhood friend Tyler Flynn is determined to give her a reason to stay. The exceptional writing gripped me from the start.

What Was

It’s been two years since Kelly Briner has seen her ex-boyfriend Drake Watson. The breakup left Kelly in a state of depression. Kelly attends counselling and tries desperately to cope with the aftermath of being a former “It” girl and the lost dream of being the dream couple.

Overall my Wattpad experience has been delightful! I love that I can access my Wattpad library online, and read books offline. The app is also easy to navigate and has various genres from Romance, Fantasy to sports for all reads. After you sign up, you’re able to access over thousands of books and become an author too.

Notable mentions:


One of the Wolves

Alone Until I Met You

She Paints Pain

The Rules of survival

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