Book Review:Homegoing

I received the book, "Homegoing" as a gift in August. I was so eager to read a novel written by first time author, Yaa Gyasi.

The story details two half-sisters, Effia and Esi both born in different villages. While Effia is forced into a marriage with an English man, Esi is sold into slavery and held captive below the castle where her sister Effia lives, completely unaware of Esi's existence.

The book continues through Effia’s decedents with the turmoil between the Asante and Fante Tribes and Britain colonization. Esi and her families, throughout the generations, are thrust into the plantations of the south, civil war, coal mines, jazz, and the rise of cocaine in the 80’s to catch up to present day.

"Homegoing" is heartbreaking, informative, and beautifully written. As a Ghanaian, I loved reading traces of my culture in every page. Gyasi is able to create a complex story, without losing her readers through the mid-1700s to 2016.

Find out more about the author here.

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