Big Bang, Saranghae.

How It All Began

I first heard a Big Bang song when I was desperately searching for another KPOP group to stan 4 years ago. At that point I was restless and contemplating if I should give up my search but then I saw the link for “Blue.” The song, a mid-tempo ballad is about a man who is heartbroken over an immense longing for a woman whom he can’t be in the presence of anymore. His own actions prompted this breakup resulting in everything around him carrying the deep sadness of being “Blue.”

The beginning of the music video shows the 5 members individually running from this feeling but towards the end they start walking, accepting that everything is drenched in Blue (sadness) as a result of the separation. I immediately felt heartbroken and began to wonder how one group could convey this feeling so clearly.

My Love Blossomed

From then on I knew my love for Big Bang, for KPOP would only continue to flourish. In one music video they showed me raw emotion and this expression carried throughout their songs. Big Bang embodies uniqueness from their outrageous fashion to creating music outside of the norm. Even their music videos are a part of the excitement they bring it which usually consists of dynamic dance moves and creativity.

In their 7 years of debut they have pushed themselves to being one of the biggest KPOP acts. Consisting of 5 members TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung and Seungri competed on a survival show to earn their spot in the group. Their talents range from rapping, singing, dancing and music production.

"We Are Big Bang"

All these factors and more contribute to why I'm so excited about the full release of their album “Made” on December 8th. Fans have been waiting for the full album's release since May 1,2015 when the title track "Loser” was released. Despite releasing 6 more songs, the album was delayed.

“Made” signifies the solidarity of the group despite the different controversies that occurred. It consists of 12 songs ranging from slow melodies to mid-fast tempo that deal with matters of love, friendship and dignity. They managed to really mature in (into) men who bear the responsibility of creating a beautiful art. Even though it's difficult to wait for their return when they take three-year breaks, I understand that quality music can't be rushed.

Big Bang surpassed their peers and managed to stay relevant by not creating music that fits with the norm. It is amazing to see their growth and I'm happy to be a fan. Seeing them live in concert back in October 2015 was an experience I'll never forget. They learned English words, sang, danced, joked and ended the night with an encore. By the end of the night I lost my voice and could barely feel my legs but had no regrets.

Big Bang I love you and thank you for all your music!

Listen to preview of Big Bang "Made"

Bonus: View My Snapchat story of their concert below!

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